Dropzone: UCM army showcase

After a little break (more than six months… followed by a second six months break between the writing and publication of this post) I finally finished painting my UCM troops for Dropzone Commander. Here is the result:


« Bear » APC


« Saber » Tank


« Rapier » Anti-air Vehicle


« Condor » Dropship



I am very happy with how the tanks look: I think that the work was worth it. On the other hand, I am less satisfied with the Legionaries, who look a bit bleak and were not helped by my dying varnish spray. Similarly, the color scheme of the dropships looks quite depressing but I could not see myself painting air transport with urban camouflage or blue sky paint. I will probably add decals on them, as soon as I get a hold of cool looking ones at the right scale.

The whole family – Clic to enlarge

The whole family – Clic to enlarge

In the end, the army looks pretty good when viewed as a whole, so I am not unhappy with the result.

This ends, at least for the moment, my “Dropzone Commander” project, but I do not exclude the possibility of extending a bit the armies or buying the basic box of one or more of the other armies.

Dropzone: UCM color scheme

Now that the core of the Scourge army is painted, I have started work on the UCM army.

Since the game takes place in an urban environment, I hesitate whether to paint a conventional design or something more urban. Here are the results of the tests:

VBT "Bear" avec camouflage classique

“Bear” APC with classic painting

VBT "Bear" avec camouflage urbain

“Bear” APC with urban camouflage



I’ll probably use the urban camouflage for the vehicles. For the infantry, thanks to the excellent suggestion from Kieffer, I’ll paint a design of dark and light gray to recall the soldiers in the Starship Troopers movie .

Dropzone: Scourge army showcase

I have been busy during the last few weeks since I finished painting my Scourge army. Here’s the result:

 VBT & quot; Invader & quot;

“Invader” APC

 char & quot; Hunter & quot;

“Hunter” Tank

 Dropship & quot; Marauder & quot;

“Marauder” Dropship

Note that the miniatures are designed to actually be able to transport the units to which they are attached :
 Marauder Dropship Loaded
Classy as hell!

 anti- air vehicle & quot; & quot Reaper ;

“Reaper” anti-air vehicle

 Warriors Horde

Warriors Horde

I finally opted for a urban macadam texturing. I hesitate to paint white road stripes.

La famille au grand complet

The whole family – Click to enlarge

Next step: painting the human troops prototypes to choose a nice color scheme .